Scott Manley Hadley is an internet-based writer, poet, blogger, vlogger, editor, rapper, anti-comedian, interviewer, dog owner AND MORE. He produces content that engages with sex, mental illness, love and physicality, and often asks the question: it is possible for a man to write about masculinity without sounding like a prick?

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In Video

On BBC3:

Reading some poems as part of Kevin Bateman’s We Can Break Inside The Other Consciousness:

Short film by Scott Manley Hadley, Sad Man On A Beach (after B. S. Johnson):

Huffington Post: ‘Going Bald Shouldn’t Be Something I Need To Be Ashamed Of’ [VLOG]

Much more can be found – including his 2017 web series, TotNTV – on Scott Manley Hadley’s YouTube channel.


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Queen Mob’s Tea House: ‘Which Fictional Politician I Just Made Up Are You?’ [Satire]

RIC Journal: ‘Liquid’ [Fiction]

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: B.S. [Automatic Writing]*

The Selkie, ‘[stream]’ (edited version) [Automatic Writing]

*Archival copy on as no longer hosted on official website.



Bacchus We Want To (Coming Soon)


Pencast Episode 3: Reading some poems (final guest)

Inside of A Dog Episode 5: Chatting about poetry, Pierce Brosnan and poo

Losing The Plot Episode 34: Discussion of mental illness and literature

Losing The Plot Episode 53: On poetry, happiness and turning thirty


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Second-Hand Scott Manley Hadley

Broadly: ‘People Show Us Their ‘Revenge Dress’ Looks’

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Queerty: ‘Are You Racist? Gay? Or Both? This Guy’s Premature Baldness Has Led To A Lot Of Misunderstandings


Berfrois: Scenes From A Childhood by Jon Fosse

Berfrois: To The Back of Beyond by Peter Stamm

Minor Literature[s]: Burning Cities by Kai Aareleid (trans. Adam Cullen)

Minor Literature[s]: You Should Come With Me Now by M. John Harrison

Open Pen: Amsterdam Exposed by David Wienir

Open Pen: Forbidden Line by Paul Stanbridge

Open Pen: Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed by Liam Hogan

Open Pen: How The Light Gets In by Clare Fisher

Open Pen: Love Notes To Men Who Don’t Read by North Morgan

Open Pen: Moving Kings by Joshua Cohen

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Open Pen: The Tragedy of Fidel Castro by João Cerqueira

Sabotage Reviews: Brief Instructions by Paul Luikart

Sabotage Reviews: Dreaming in Starlight by Philip Elliott

As Contributor

100 Haikus About Boris Becker’s Breakfast by Lewis Parker & Friends (Morbid Books, 2017), haikus pp?-pp?

BS Johnson Society Journal 3, peer reviewed academic essay: ‘Fuck All This Lying: The Effectiveness of B.S. Johnson’s Formal Experimentation in the Creation of A Readable Truth

In Translation

Huffington Post Greece: Φαλακρός και κάτω των 30 ετών: Ένας πραγματικός εφιάλτης

Huffington Post Korea: 30세 이하의 대머리는 악몽 같은 삶이다