Scott Manley Hadley is an internet-based writer, poet, blogger, vlogger, editor, rapper, anti-comedian, interviewer, dog owner AND MORE. He produces content that engages with sex, mental illness, love and physicality (especially hair loss), and often asks the question: it is possible for a man to write about masculinity without sounding like a prick?

 His first book, Bad Boy Poet, was released in 2018. Order direct from the publisher here.

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Bad Boy Poet: LIVE IN DALSTON. Poems and songs performed to celebrate the launch of Bad Boy Poet at Burley Fisher Books, Dalston, England:

On BBC3:

Short film by Scott Manley Hadley, Sad Man On A Beach (after B. S. Johnson):

Many more videos can be found – including his 2017 web series, TotNTV – on Scott Manley Hadley’s YouTube channel.

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