Scott Manley Hadley was ‘Highly Commended’ in the Forward Prizes for Poetry 2019.


Burning House Press: ‘Boomer’ [Single Poem, Satire]

Former People: ‘Three Poems’ [Selection]

The Forward Book of Poetry 2020 [Single Poem, Print, big deal]

Foxhole Zine: ‘man chat’ [Single Poem, print only]

Horror Sleaze Trash: ‘either way i’ll be talking about my poems’ [Single Poem]

Horror Sleaze Trash: ‘talking to a friend about our polyamorous friends’ [Single Poem]

Ink Sweat and Tears: ‘Love Poem #34’ [Single Poem]

Low Light Magazine: ‘calling my mother at 8pm on fridays when i was living my wayward youth’ [Single Poem, Print]

Paper and Ink Zine: ‘Late’ [Single Poem, Print]

Queen Mob’s Teahouse: ‘A Poem About the Game of Thrones Poems I Want To Read’ [Single Poem, Satire]

Really Serious Literature: ‘love poems my dog (Cubby, who likes chicken) helped me write’ [Disappearing Chapbook #97, online Aug 7th – ???]

Rivista Letteraria Issue 07, Eternal Teenage Is Disease Light: ‘three poems themed on youth’ [Selection, Print]

Selcouth Station: “‘Real Men Die” & Other Poems’ [Selection]


Daedalus Magazine: ‘Amsterdam’ [Single Poem, Video]

Kevin Bateman’s ‘We Can Break Inside The Other Consciousness’ [Selection, Video]

Open Pen: Bad Boy Poet [Collection, Print]

Open Pen: ‘Sex Tips For Literary Bad Boys’ [Single Poem, Online and Print]


100 Haikus About Boris Becker’s Breakfast by Lewis Parker & Friends (Morbid Books, 2017) [Contributor]

Here Comes Everyone: ‘London Bridge’ [Single Poem]

Queen Mob’s Tea House: ‘Pooems’ [Selection]

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