Verse First Poetry Podcast Episode 5: The Bad Boy Poet

Pencast Episode 3: Reading some poems (final guest)

Inside of A Dog Episode 5: Chatting about poetry, Pierce Brosnan and poo

Losing The Plot Episode 34: Discussion of mental illness and literature

Losing The Plot Episode 53: On poetry, happiness and turning thirty

About Scott Manley Hadley

Broadly: ‘People Show Us Their ‘Revenge Dress’ Looks’

Huffington Post: ‘Prince William Shaves Hair: Four Men On Making The Tough Decision To Embrace Baldness’

Queerty: ‘Are You Racist? Gay? Or Both? This Guy’s Premature Baldness Has Led To A Lot Of Misunderstandings

Reviews of Bad Boy Poet

Ink, Sweat and Tears: ‘Jane Frances Dunlop on Bad Boy Poet by Scott Manley Hadley’ – Jane Frances Dunlop

Londnr: ‘Launching A Shitstorm: Open Pen’s Novelettes’ – Harry Gallon

Minor Literature[s]: Bad Boy Poet by Scott Manley Hadley – Lewis Parker

Queen Mob’s Teahouse: ‘Notes on Bad Boy Poet‘ – Joe Linker

Triumph of the Now: Bad Boy Poet by Scott Manley Hadley – Karina Bush

Triumph of the Now: Bad Boy Poet by Scott Manley Hadley – L. Tumbleweed Parker

Urban F: Bad Boy Poet by Scott Manley Hadley – Abbie Foxton


Queen Mob’s Teahouse: ‘Hey There, Chappie!’ – Judson Hamilton

Scott Manley Hadley In Translation

Huffington Post Greece: Φαλακρός και κάτω των 30 ετών: Ένας πραγματικός εφιάλτης

Huffington Post Korea: 30세 이하의 대머리는 악몽 같은 삶이다

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